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Multi grids creative design with large & small slots to hold your lipstick, large makeup brushes, eyebrow pencils & other cosmetic accessories. It designed to keep your daily cosmetic in order and handy whenever you need them.

Great for daily use to organise and display your cosmetic collections at home, beauty salon office, or store. It's portable and lightweight, which means easy to carry it with you wherever you traveling.

Made of the premium silicone gel material, exquisite appearance, anti-slip & scratch proof.


Material: Silica gel + ABS
Colours: Blue, Grey, Pink & Red
Size: Small/Medium
Small size: 13.5x6.5x2.5cm /contains: 8 lipstick grids + 4 eyebrow pencil grids
Medium size: 18.9x9.2x2.5cm /contains: 18 lipstick grids + 6 eyebrow pencil grids

Package Included:
1 x Lipstick Holder