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Your scent is you signature

What is Scenttribe?

Scenttribe is a fun and affordable way to seek out a new designer fragrance every month. It’s designed to set you apart & level- up your fragrance A-game. Each month you will receive 8ml travel- size atomizer in a beautiful case for the first month re-bottled with your chosen scent of choice to indulge yourself.
You don't have tp stock on perfumes anymore, it's like having your own wardrobe of perfumes without the price tag.

Our Story

We wanted to try & learn more about scents, but we were afraid of the cost and how expensive it can be to try all the fragrances we read about, see on the magazines or the store shelves, “We could end-up broke to try out all these fragrances !”.

Buying designer perfumes can be expensive exercise, especially if you are a budget conscious person- like us. But the truth is in the joy of discovering perfumes not in collecting dozens of bottles on your dressing table; it's in the smelling & experiencing the pleasure of scents, and that’s how Scenttribe was born.

We wanted to make designer scents affordable to everyone, you don’t need to break the bank to smell amazing, you just need Scenttribe.  

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Our mission

To bring inspiration, affordability, luxury & fashion to every perfume lover. Because perfume says a lot about you.